Nexam was born in 2005, from the historical expertise of the company Desgranges Outils Coupants itself founded in 1946.
Key player in the industrial landscape for all these years, Desgranges has always been able to support its customers by offering quality products, adjusting to their needs while always remaining involved in their new constraints dictated by the evolution of the worked materials.
This excellence has been passed down over the years by generations of passionate men and women, who give their best every day to ensure customer satisfaction while meeting industrial challenges.
These values, as well as our pioneering approach to quality procedures, have enabled our company to become the first cutting tool manufacturer in France to obtain ISO 9001 certification. From this passion was born a brand dedicated to the aeronautical field: Nexam.
Over the years and through a successful strategy of developing our company on the export markets, we were bound to acknowledge our Nexam brand renown ended up surpassing the one of Desgranges.
Therefore, it was quite natural that to pursue our expansion, we chose to replace our name Desgranges for Nexam.
Day after day, we continually strive to ensure customer satisfaction, it has driven us over the years.
So, if it is not already the case, come and try the Nexam satisfaction.