R&D Laboratory

Our laboratory is composed of :

A pneumatic machine ST1200 and an electric machine EDU with different equipment 1⁄4 lathe and concentric collet and spindles(floating or guided spindle).
The pneumatic machine is equipped with the full range of speed and feed.
ST1200 UPA from Seti-Tec, in order to adapt to different types of tools and a Mitis vibration system.

We are also equipped with a flow meter to monitor air consumption during a test, and a portable MQL device with 3 tanks that allow for quick change of lubricant type. This system is fully pneumatic with air and oil flow and pressure control.

An electric EDU machine with the same range of equipment as the pneumatic machine. This electric machine allows for the rapid change of cutting conditions, which saves us a lot of time when searching for the optimal cutting conditions, with the added bonus of being able to see the axial cutting forces and torque.
Furthermore, it allows us to adapt the conditions to the different layers of material to be machined instead of taking the limiting parameters on a pneumatic machine.

Our UPA frames and grids are designed for the concentric collar system but we have other grids that we can adapt and we can also manufacture other types of jigs to clamp other fastening systems. We are also equipped with various pneumatic drills for hand tool testing.

The laboratory For the control of the diameter of the holes, we are also equipped with an internal digital micrometer from DIATEST, which allows a fast, safe, repeatable measurement and a quick export to a table in order to analyse the capacity of the tested cutters.