Because having the right tool is not enough to ensure a good operation, we also offer toolings to provide you the best of implementation. In this section, you will find everything you need to use our tools as well as to set rivets or manufacture metallizations.

Drilling Bush

Nexam designs and manufactures a range of bushes and feet. These allow the tool to be held in place during the drilling and reaming operation and to ensure that it is perpendicular to the support surface. They are manufactured in hardened steel to prolong their life.

Light overload foot drill bush, 25 or 30mm high, for drills and reamers short series, available from Ø2.5 to Ø7.94mm.
40mm high drill bush for drills and reamers normal and long series, available from Ø2.5 to 7.94mm.

Drill bush with chip breaker function height 36 or 40mm, these provide an improvement over the market with a specific geometry of the stands to allow breaking and evacuation of the chips generated by the machining operation.
  Tripod drill bush for drills and reamers up to Ø11.5, for use with our 3CE bush holders.
Threaded drill bush for drills and reamers up to Ø17.5, for use with our with our 3CE barrel holders.
Nexam can manufacture all other drilling bush and drilling foot to the required Ø on request and short notice.

Microstop cages

Nexam designs and manufactures a range of countersink micro-stops. These allow to accurately controlled from 20 to 25μm the countersinking depth and ensure perpendicularity with the bearing surface and concentricity with the sharpening thanks to the mounted pilot on the tool. Our range of microstop cages is available with:
– Travel from 6 to 40 mm
– Interfaces in matric or inch
– Footplates of different diameters that ensure stability, depending on space constraints, with internal passages from 7 to 50mm, this in wide opening footplates and safety or suction footplates
– Nylon or steel pads, classic or in tripods and quadripods for left-handed surfaces

– – Neutral, blue, green, red and black nuts, we can provide colour coded nuts to suit your applications
– Improvements over the competition, including :
– Lip seals for the 2XB and 2XC stops to improve life by preventing carbon dust from entering the system
-Double the tilting range for the 2XC spherical thrust stops
-An optimised range of suction footplates for easier suction of aluminium shavings
– A system of drill bushes adaptable to our footplates.
Nexam can offer a special stop to meet your needs.


Nexam designs and manufactures a range of adaptors. Due to some space or convenience reasons, some applications make the use of our micrometric stops impossible, in this case we have created a range of adaptors allowing the use of countersink and end mill on drills.

These are available as standard from M6X100 to M10X100 with a choice of lengths from 30 to 96 depending on your requirements.

Rivet Squizer

Nexam designs and manufactures a wide range of rivet squizer, which come in several sizes and shapes (flat or domed). Nexam’s rivet squizer  are very useful for riveting work (installation of aeronautical fasteners). In fact, they are used to crush the head of rivets.
They can be used on manual, pneumatic or hydraulic setting equipment.

– Rivet Squizer for countersink available in Ø1.6 or Ø6.4mm
– Flattened round head riveti squizer available from Ø2.4 to Ø6.4mm
– Reduced round head flattened rivet squizer available from Ø2,4 to Ø5,6mm

Nexam can manufacture any other types of rivets to a specific design in a short time.

Back spotfacer machine

Our back spot facer machine  has been developed to manufacture a countersink or mill in a location difficult to access with a conventional hand drill.

The depth of this is adjustable with a micrometer setting to 0.025mm, an ergonomic 360 swivel handle and ¼ turn quick release footplates. To be used with our 2GD tie Back spotfacer cutters, 2HG tie countersinks. Our range includes different motors/ driving force from 400 to 600 RPM, to meet your needs

Bounding brush

Nexam markets a range of bounding brush to meet all your needs. By brushing, metallizing brushes facilitate the removal of surface treatments (paint, anodization, etc..) in order to enable electrical continuity and grounding of airborne parts.

Our range includes :

-Push-type metallizing brush with brass-plated steel wire (stainless steel wire available on request) with a geometry of 4 groups of wires held together by epoxy resin.
– Pull-type metallizing brush with brass plated steel wire (stainless steel wire available on request) with a geometry of 4 groups of wires held together by epoxy resin
Nexam manufactures the metallizing brushes on request from Ø4 to 60mm